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Welcome to CRUSH Investing!

Discover the investor inside of you, today!


CRUSH Investing offers its members a unique opportunity to learn how the stock market works and how to invest safely and efficiently.

CRUSH Investing's Mission is to educate you on stock market strategies to maximize and maintain profitable growth regardless of skill or experience level.

The CRUSH Investing Course

CRUSH Investing offers a self-paced course that will take you through multiple units on things that you will need to know to become an investor in the stock market. Our CRUSH Investing Course is taught by Manny Alexio and Andrew Grady. Manny Alexio who has worked for Dean Whitter ( now known as JP Morgan) has retired from his 22-and-a-half years of wall street experience to help people learn the same strategies that are used on Wall Street. As a part of his mission to teach people to trade as he does, he taught Andrew Grady. Once he taught Andrew, he then certified him to be able to teach those same skills to teach in the course that they created together. 

In this course, you will learn from them how the stock market works through various units through units such as what a candle is, the ATR, and how to use support and resistance in making your decisions when investing in the stock market. 

Click below to find more information and how to enroll in the course.

Our Course Benefits

Exceeding Expectations


The CRUSH Investing Course provides learners with a self-paced, and easy-to-understand course in the stock market teaching them everything from the basics of what a stock is, all the way to being able to create your own stock checklist to determine whether or not you should make an investment or not. 

Watching Stock Market


One of the best parts of the course is that it is self-paced. Whether it takes you one day, one month, or one year to complete the course, we will always be here for you and you will never loose access to the course. 

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Another great advantage of using the CRUSH Investing Course is the community that is built around the course. As a student in the course, you will have exclusive access to talk about course materials and content with a community of people who are also taking the course with you. As a part of the course, you will have to submit some of your opinions and observations to the community to get feedback! This is something that we feel will help students feel that this isn't just a virtual classroom!

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CRUSH Investing Live

CRUSH Investing Live ( A.K.A. C I Live) is a part of our company in which subscribed members will have the opportunity to be able to watch and interact with CRUSH Investing on our live streams that are exclusively done in our website. These live streams will vary from stock analysis, o reteaching of our lessons, and more! Sign up today starting as low as $4.99/ month to get access to every live stream. 

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